Attending the 17th Concrete Day Conference and the 11th National Conference on Concrete

The combination of knowledge and experience
In the 17th concrete conference on the sidelines of the 17th concrete day conference and the 11th National Concrete Conference, on October 8, a workshop entitled “Design, Thermal Analysis, and Quality Control during the Implementation of Bulky Concrete Foundation of Saman Faraz Project” was held at the Research Center of Road, Housing and Urban Development in which Mr. Asad Tahooni from Tadbir Sahel Pars Consulting Engineers Co., Dr. Delnavaz from Kuban Kav Consulting Engineers Company, Mr. Iraqi from Iran Ark Consulting Engineers Company and Also Mrs. Shahbaz From Azarestan Civil Company were the speakers.
At the end of the workshop, speakers answered the audience’s questions about different aspects of the project.

News Release Date: October 13, 2019