On November 15th the day of commemoration of books, books reading and librarianship

Undoubtedly, society holds the expansion of reading as an inevitable necessity, only when recognizing it as a never-ending need and a facility to grow and dynamism of its character.
Azarestan Business Group, during all these years of work in the fields of construction and infrastructures, has always considered as a responsibility to take steps to improve the quality and quantity of education for the children of this land. This group believes that construction and prosperity, need continuous and diligent education.
Therefore, on the occasion of November 15th, the day of commemoration of books, reading, librarianship, we refer to Sadr al-Vaezin Library of Khansar city in Isfahan province, which has been constructed with the attention of the managers of Azarestan Business Development Group.
Sadr al-Vaezin Library was founded in 2018 by the manager of the cultural affair of the group, Mrs. Parvin Amini. With extensive activities to educate and make the society grow during her lifetime, this library has become the top library of Isfahan province and one of the best libraries of our beloved country of Iran.
The profound impact of the book on the expansion of society’s culture and to increase its development is undeniable. It is not possible to discuss the comprehensive development and growth of society regardless of study and books. Therefore, books and reading are among the most important cultural categories that its promotion in the society is essential.