Minister of Energy visits Tabas coal-fired power plant

On Thursday, 14 August, after arriving in South Khorasan, the Minister of Energy visited the power plant under construction in Tabas, IRNA reported.
Reza Ardakanian, along with the governor of South Khorasan, representative of Tabas, Ferdows, Boshruyeh and Sarayan people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Imam Jomeh Tabas and provincial and county officials visited Tabas coal-fired power plant, which is in the construction phase.
This power plant with a total capacity of 650 MW, one of the projects of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, is under operation by the contractor and now its accessories are about 70 percent physically advanced.
With the construction of Tabas Thermal Power Plant, which is Iran’s first coal-fired power plant, 6000 forces will be employed directly and indirectly.
It is planned to follow the mining operation process along with the completion of the construction of Tabas power plant. By conducting preliminary and detailed studies in Tabas coal region, the existence of thermal coal to the required amount for consumption of several thousand megawatts of the coal-burning power plant has been assuredly achieved.
Tabas coalfield is the richest and largest coal region in Iran and is home to 76 percent of the country’s coal reserves.

News Release Date: August 17, 2019