Public Auction No. 1/98 Two plots of residential land located in Shiraz

Auctioneer: Omran Azarestan Company January 2020
Applicants must complete all documents of the auction, according to the descriptions below. These documents should be without crossing out, legible, signed (or fingerprinted). Put documents, in an envelope along with other documents as follows. After locking and stamping, deliver the envelopes separately to the headquarter of the company according to the deadline. Obviously, non-compliance with the following cases will remove the applicant’s offer from the auction process and the applicant will be responsible for it.
The large envelope includes: (Price offer sheet and Commitment)
Small envelope including: (a copy of National Identity Card: Back and Front)– Bank cheque of deposit equal to 1% of the base price
For natural person, if there are one or more partners, the copy of identification documents of all partners inside the small envelope is mandatory. For legal entities, the copy of the established advertisement and the latest changes of the company in the official newspaper, inside the small envelope is mandatory. Failure to offer a company’s deposit at the auction or not being equal to 1% of the base price will result in rejecting the applicant’s offer and the envelope will not being opened at the opening ceremony. Do not put a small envelope in a large envelope. Deadline for submitting the documents to the company’s office is since the date of publishing ad in the newspaper until Tuesday 29/01/2019, 13 P.M.